No Such Thing as a

No Such Thing as a "Sexpiration" Date! New Study Proves Seniors Are Still Very Active in the Bedroom

December 05, 2018 0 Comments

Sexual health expert Dr. Laura Berman discusses groundbreaking new findings which show seniors still enjoy intimacy…even though many doctors fail to address senior sexual health.

A recent Australian survey of over 2,000 senior adults (60+ years old) found that three-quarters of those surveyed reported enjoying an active and enjoyable intimate life in the last year, including a wide range of activities such as intercourse and self-stimulation.

These results line up with American research from earlier this year, which found that 54% of people ages 65-80 years old say that they are still sexually active, with 74 percent saying that their bedroom bliss is very important to them.

Dr. Laura Berman, sex and relationship therapist, television personality, and radio host of national program “Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman” says:

"These results are not at all surprising to me, as I have worked with many clients in their so-called ‘golden years’ who are more than active in the bedroom. What’s more is that these individuals are looking for ways to enhance and support their sexual health, but sadly, the medical community often fails older people in this regard."

Dr. Berman points to further research which found that many GPs say that they are uncomfortable talking about sexual health and sexual pleasure with their senior patients, instead opting to simply ignore the topic altogether.

"Sadly, this blind eye from the medical community can have very devastating consequences for seniors," says Dr. Berman. "There has been a sharp increase in STIs in the senior community, with rates jumping 20 percent between 2015 and 2016 alone."

The sexual health expert also explains that ignoring sexual health can have other consequences as well.

"As we age, we are inevitably going to confront roadblocks to our sexual pleasure," says the sex therapist. "This is completely normal, and there are many ways that seniors can protect and enhance their sexual pleasure. But, if GPs won’t bring up this topic and seniors are too embarrassed to bring the topic up themselves, this can really cause unnecessary discomfort and unhappiness in the bedroom."

Dr. Berman says that there are many ways seniors can improve their pleasure and ensure that their relationship continues to flourish, such as by using sex aids, staying active, and taking supplements like Forta.

Dr. Berman, who is a proud ambassador of the Forta line of supplements, says, "Whether a senior is looking to enhance the quality of their sex life, the quantity of their sex life, or simply support their overall energy, mood, and well-being, I recommend that they consider these all-natural yet powerful supplements."

The couples’ therapist goes on to note, “Sexual pleasure is about so much more than just orgasms. Studies have shown that an active intimate life has numerous benefits across the board, including improved mood and a greater sense of well-being. Research has even shown that intimacy can help inspire deeper feelings of spirituality and purpose. Considering that depression can be a major problem in the senior community, we in the medical community need to do everything we can to help ensure that these older adults can enjoy sexual pleasure and connective intimacy long into their golden years.” For more on this topic or to speak to Dr. Laura Berman, please contact me.

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